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Hernant  LALL


 Hernant Lall Ŕ nato il 28 ottobre del 1954 a New Delhi in India e si Ŕ trasferito negli Stati Uniti a Dallas quando aveva 21 anni.

 Hernant si Ŕ diplomato a New Delhi e si Ŕ laureato in in Ingegneria Elettronica a Kanpur. Inoltre, ha preso un Master in Ricerca Operativa alla Southern Methodist University di Dallas.

 Dopo aver lavorato per oltre venti anni nell'Industria Petrolifera in posizioni dirigenziali, dal 2003 lavora nella SCA Promotion di Bob Hamman.

 Senza essere mai stato un giocatore professionista, ha guadagnato il titolo di World Life Master vincendo il Transnazionale Mondiale del 2012  e  6 NABC tra i quali ricordiamo le Spingold del 2007 ed il Grand National Teams del 2006.

 Finalmente, nel 2014 arriva la vittoria nel World Bridge Series Senior Teams accompagnata dall'argento nella competizione a Coppie e nel 2015 vince la Senior Bowl guadagnando il titolo di Senior Life Master.

 Nel 2016 vince le Olimpiadi Senior, nel 2018 la Rand Cup oltre a guadagnare l'argento nel World Mixed Pairs e nel 2019 il Senior Teams agli Europei Open.

 Suo figlio Justin si sta affermando come giocatore di livello internazionale e gioca spesso in coppia con il padre.

   Hernant  Lall was born in 1954 in India and moved to Dallas in the United States when he was 21 years old.

 Since 2003 Hernant Lall has served as Chief Operating Officer for SCA Promotions. His professional experience and insight has helped SCA emerge from recent challenging economic conditions stronger than ever, with 2010 culminating as one of the company's best since establishment in 1986.

 Hernmant's 22 years of experience in the energy industry began in 1989 when he was hired by Ross Perot into Perot Systems. There Hernant played critical roles in several corporate advancements, including heading up Perot Systems' North American Energy Division where he managed accounts with Shell Oil and Teppco Crude, as well as providing thought leadership in the deregulation and restructuring of the gas and electricity industry in California, Texas and the U.K.

 In addition to managing sales and operations of large consulting and outsourcing contracts valued at over $300 million, Hernant was an integral part of the management team responsible for growing Perot Systems from a private company comprised of less than 200 associates, to a public company numbering over 10,000 employees. In 2001 Hernant left Perot Systems and his position as adviser to company CEO Mort Meyerson.

When not working, Hernant enjoys playing bridge and is a five time U.S. National Champion. Hernant holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master's in Industrial Engineering and a PhD-ABD in Operations Research from SMU, Dallas, Texas. Hernant has also managed development of publications in a variety of respected trade journals.

In 2014 he won the World Bridge Series Senior Teams and earned the silver medal in the Seniors Pairs earning the title of Senior Life Master. Finally, in 2015 he won the Senior Bowl.

In 2016 he won the Senior Olympiads, in 2018 the Rand Cup and the silver medal in the World Mixed Pairs and in 2019 the Senior Teams at the European Open.

His son Justin is establishing as an international player and plays often paired with his father.

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