Freilich was coy about her age, declining to tell anyone when she was born. She was married three times but had no children. She won 29 national championships and one world silver medal, in the 1981 Venice Cup.

In 1997 she became the first living woman to be voted into the American Contract Bridge League’s Hall of Fame. (Josephine Culbertson and Helen Sobel Smith had been admitted posthumously.) Freilich is one of only two women (Sobel Smith is the other) who won the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams, Spingold Knockout Teams and Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, the three most prestigious events on the league’s calendar.

She became the 70th life master in 1947, eventually winning 12,752.20 master points.

Freilich came from a bridge-playing family. She won four national titles with her sister, Anne Burnstein. Freilich’s brother, Billy Seamon, won five national championships and one world silver medal. Billy’s wife, Rita, won one national title with Edith, Billy and Jerome Yavitz. Billy and Rita’s daughter, Janice Seamon-Molson, has won 12 national and two world championships. Their son, Michael Seamon, has taken 13 national and two world titles and is currently sixth on the lifetime master point list.

She died on 2012, 14 May in Miami.