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 Norvegese, nato il 16 marzo del 1961 a Heimdal, impiegato postale, Terje Aa uno dei campioni della forte squadra nordica che gioca il famoso sistema nordico Viking

 Terje si messo in luce conquistando il bronzo nei Campionati Europei Juniores in Belgio nel 1984, poi, ha vinto ripetutamente le principali competizioni norvegesi e si  messo in luce a livello internazionale arrivando secondo alla Bermuda Bowl del 1993 e ai Campionati Europei  di Tenerife del 2001, inoltre, e arrivato terzo, in quelli del 1993 e del 1997 per, infine, vincere quelli del 2008.

 Nel 2006 si fatto valere anche nel circuito americano arrivando secondo al Mitchell trophy di Honolulu e nel 2008 ha conquistato il bronzo Olimpico.

Dopo un lungo periodo di oblio, Terje tornato alle gare e ha vinto i Campionati Europei a Squadre nel 2018, nonch, il bronzo nella Bermuda Bowl del 2019 e del 2022.

Ha vinto diversi tornei nazionali ed un Norwegian Grand Master, un European Life Master ed un World Life Master.

Terje a was born in Heimdal in 1961. He works for the Norwegian Post Office. A WBF World Life Master, Terje has been a regular member of the Norwegian team since making Glenn Groetheim Terje Aa 9 his debut in 1993.

In that year, he won the Schiphol Invitational Teams in The Netherlands and then earned a Bronze medal at the European Teams Championship in Menton, France. Having qualified via their third-place finish in Menton, the young Norwegian team of Terje and his regular partner Glenn Groetheim, plus teammates Arild Rasmussen, Jon Sveindal, Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness proceeded to Chile for the Bermuda Bowl.

There they reached the final, beating strong teams from Brazil and Poland along the way before losing to the young Dutch team of Enri Leufkens/ Berry Westra, Bauke Muller/Wubbo de Boer, Jan Westerhof/Piet Jansen. Four years later they set out on the same  path, finishing third in the European Teams, again playing with Helgemo/Helness but with another young pair, Boye Brogeland-Erik Saelensminde making up the sextet. And so on to the Bermuda Bowl they went, but this time they lost to the eventual winners, the French, in the semifinals.

But they did not come away from Tunisia without a medal, as they defeated the Americans in the playoff for third place. In 2001 the same team represented Norway in the European Championships in Tenerife and finished second behind the triumphant Italians to earn Silver medals and a trip to the Bali (eventually Paris) Bermuda Bowl.

Terje and Glenn play a relay system called the Viking Precision Club, which has been beautifully presented to the world in a new  book by Glenn and Alan Sontag (Devyn Press, 2001).

Finally, in 2008 he won European Teams Championships and has earning a bronze medal in Olympiad and after ten years he won the European Teams Championships.

In 2019 and 2022 he won the bronze medal in the Bermuda Bowl.

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