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 Migry Zur (Tsur Albu) è nata a Bucarest ma si è trasferita a Tel Aviv con la famiglia quando aveva 18 anni.

 Ha iniziato a giocare a 14 anni imparando dai suoi familiari ma solo dopo essersi trasferita in Israele si è dedicata al bridge agonistico vincendo il suo primo campionato nel 1968 e diventando una delle migliori bridgiste israeliane di ogni tempo.

 Migry, che oggi vive a Palo Alto in California, si è sposata tre volte, l'ultima delle quali con l'italiano Pietro Campanile, anche lui valente giocatore e scrittore di bridge.

 Dotata di spirito tagliente e viva intelligenza, Migry ha portato sugli scudi la squadra femminile del suo Paese fin quando ha giocato in coppia con l'altra campionessa Ruth Levit-Porat.

 Migry è una World Women Grand Master ed una World Master nelle classifiche edite dalla World Bridge Federation.

 Il suo palmares comprende oltre a 4 NABC, l'oro nel misto a squadre ai Transnazionali di Maastricht nel 2000, il bronzo nell'Europeo a Squadre Femminili di Montecatini nel 1997 e l'oro nel Mondiale individuale femminile di Ajaccio nel 1998.

Sempre con la Levit ha vinto anche un bronzo agli Europei a Coppie del 1995 in Portogallo mentre in coppia con Michael Barel ed in squadra con i fratelli Yadlin ha vinto la NEC Cup del 2005, del 2006 e del 2008.

Nel 2017 ha guadagnato l'argento nello Squadre Miste agli Europei Open.

Infine, Migry vanta molti piazzamenti conquistati nei Campionati del MEC. 

 Migry Zur Campanile was born in Bucharest, Romania, in a year that is a closely guarded secret. She is now a bridge professional and teacher living in Tel Aviv with her husband, bridge professional and writer Pietro Campanile. They actually met while playing bridge online. "He was an Italian living in London," says Migry, "but he was desperate to find the right excuse to learn Hebrew, so how could I refuse his invitation to get married?" The third member of the Campanile household is Rikard J. Greenberg . . . "he's a cat with an identity crisis," explains Migry. "He happily runs around retrieving the objects we throw, he opens fridges when he is hungry (we eventually had to fit a child-proof lock) and when he has had enough of us he just jumps on the keys in the door and turns them to open it and go out!"

"An unruly childhood and adolescence was only partially mitigated by an early induction to the family evening bridge marathons, which caused me many late nights and zombie-like mornings," she reveals.

 Migry is the top-ranked Israeli women's player and among the top players on the European tournament scene. She is the only Israeli player to have won twice a world championship: in 1998, she won the World Generali Masters in Corsica, and at the 2000 Olympiad in Maastricht, she partnered Piotr Gawrys as a member of “Team E-Bridge”, which won the World Mixed Teams title.

 "The Generali victory was a particularly heartwarming one because it was the first-ever world championship win by an Israeli bridge player," says Migry. "The Maastricht victory was also great because of the fun of playing with such great teammates (Sam Lev, Jill Meyers, Piotr Gawrys, Irina Levitina and John Mohan)."

Migry's international career began at the 1984 European Championships in Wiesbaden. Her first notable success was however at the 1991 European Common Market Championships in Athens, where she won a Gold medal in the teams and a Silver medal in the Women's Pairs. Two years later, she again finished second in the pairs at the same event. At the 1995 European Championships in Portugal, she won the Bronze medal in both the team and pairs events, and took the Bronze medal in the teams again in 1997.

Migry has won numerous Israeli National titles including the National Teams championship three times, the National Pairs twice, as well as several Mixed Pairs and Mixed Teams titles.   

2004 brought more successes with a second place in the NEC Cup and qualification to the Venice Cup. In February 2005 Migry went one better and won the NEC Cup with Michael Barel, Israel and Doron Yadlin, with  a convincing 158-130 victory over Balicki-Zmudzinski and Gromov-Dubinin. In July 2005 the same team, with the addition of Kalish-Podgur, won the gold medal, representing Israel at the 2005 Maccabiah.
In February 2006 Migry and her team succeeded in defending their NEC title, defeating an impressive selection of teams, including the powerful Italian Lavazza team with Bocchi-Duboin, the reigning Venice Cup champions from France and many others on the way to a nail biting final against a vastly improved Japanese Open team.

In April 2006 Migry won the Ladies Teams at the Spring US Nationals in Dallas, playing with Pamela Granovetter (the other team members were Judi Radin, Sylvia Moss, Shawn Quinn and Mildred Breed). Only three months later the same team won the prestigious Wagar Trophy at the Summer US Nationals in Chicago, defeating all the opponents they met by a minimum of 60 IMPs difference!

2007 and 2008 brought more successes with a few top finishes in the US Nationals and the prestigious Yeh Cup and another win in the NEC Cup. Two more significant achievements were to mark her ground-breaking debut in the Summer nationals in Las Vegas as a professional player in a top US team:the victory in the BAM Mixed Teams with Chris Willenken and the Stansbys, and also winning the Fishbein Trophy, as the top performing player in the Nationals.

In 2017 she earned the silver medal in the Mixed Teams at European Open.

Migry is the Chief Editor of the Israeli Bridge magazine and collaborates regularly to other established bridge publications, like Bridge Today and IMP.   Away from bridge, Migry enjoys opera, gourmet cooking (her fabled meatballs enjoy a growing popularity), and jet-setting around the world. "Particularly Seattle, Venice, Yokohama, Albuquerque, Vilamoura, Montecatini, Rhodes, Lille, Salsomaggiore, Maastricht . . . Hmmm do those places ring a bell?"

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