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 Peter  NAGY


 Ivan Peter Halmos Nagy nacque il 30 novembre del 1942 a Budapest e venne adottato nel 1948 cambiando il suo nome in quello attuale.

 Peter fuggì dall'oppressione comunista nel 1957 assieme alla zio e sbarcò a Montreal, senza conoscere né l'inglese, né il francese.

 Laureatosi alla Princeton University nel 1967, Peter lavorò fino al 1974 nel settore informatico e verso la metà degli anni sposò Donna Hay, anche lei nota bridgista, e si trasferì a Chicago, intraprendendo la carriera di Option Trader con la quale, in pochi anni, guadagnò abbastanza per ritirarsi e dedicarsi completamente all'hobby della sua vita: il bridge.

 Peter e Donna hanno avuto un figlio: David.

 Si trasferì, allora, con la famiglia a Las Vegas dove, il 6 febbraio del 2003 si spense per un attacco di cuore, mentre giocava a poker nel famoso Bellagio Hotel.

 WBF Life Master, rappresentò più volte sia la nazionale canadese che quella statunitense, fu medaglia d'argento ai mondiali a coppie del 1978 e del 1990 e terzo nella Rosenblum Cup del 1982.

 Sul piano Nazionale, Peter ha vinto oltre 50 Tornei Regionali e 4 NABC's: il Mitchell Trophy nel 1978, la Vanderbilt nel 1993, il Grand National Teams nel 1991 e il Jacoby nel 1995.

 Nel 2012 è stato cooptato nella Hall of Fame canadese e cinque anni più tardi ha ricevuto il Von Zedwtiz Award.

Peter Nagy (1942 - 2003).

Peter's  life was filled with peaks and valleys. He escaped from Hungary in 1957, following a script line that would not be out of place in a dramatic movie. Speaking virtually no English when he arrived in Canada with his Uncle, Peter learned quickly and was the valedictorian of his High School Class. He earned a degree at Princeton University and tried the straight and narrow lifestyle for a short period before concentrating on bridge and other card games to earn his living. He was "adopted" by the late great Sam Gold in Montreal, and under his guidance became a sound technical player willing to act on his instincts at the table.

While he lived in Canada, Peter played in serious partnerships and teams with Joey Silver, George Mittelman and Eric Kokish, achieving considerable success in major North American and international events. When he married Donna Hay in the middle eighties and moved to Chicago, Peter went into the Options business at a time when it was easier to lose a fortune than make one. At one point, Peter was doing very badly in the market and was about to give it up altogether, but at just that moment he guessed right on the direction the market was headed and in a few months earned enough to retire. 

He, Donna, and their son, David, moved to Las Vegas and enjoyed a more relaxed lifestyle, although some major heart problems created some uneasiness for the family.

Peter had been making his way back into serious competition and was in good spirits although his life had taken some difficult turns in the past few years.

Among his bridge successes were two silver medals in the World Open Pairs (1978 and 1990), representing two different nations, a feat no one has duplicated and probably never will. He also won a bronze medal in the Rosenblum Teams in 1982 and was always a serious contender at the North American Bridge Championships. He was a very special player.

Peter played in the 1984 Epson Intercity Teams Championship and made many friends in Japan, as he did all over the world.

In 2012 he was co-opted in the Canadian Hall of Fame and in 2017 he as received the Von Zedwtiz Award.

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