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 Nati nel 1970 a Manchester, Jason Paul e Justin sono gemelli e hanno cominciato a giocare a bridge a 12 anni sotto la guida della madre Olivia, anch'essa un'ottima bridgista, per poi esordire a 15 anni sul piano internazionale negli Europei di Categoria.

 I loro successi sono iniziati in Olanda  a Papendale dove nel 1994 hanno vinto il Campionato Europeo Giovanile a Squadre e, un anno più tardi, il mondiale juniores indocinese di Bali.

 Jason & Justin che sono nati il 14 agosto 1969, nel 2008 hanno vinto la medaglia d'argento alle Olimpiadi a Squadre essendo stati i più giovani giocatori inglesi a conquistare il titolo di Grand Master  della loro Federazione, titolo che hanno raggiunto a soli 24 anni.

 Entrambi World International Master ai primissimi posti nella speciale classifica gestita dalla WBF, Jason è appassionato di jumping e di diving e Justin, che dal 2001 è sposato con la campionessa tedesca Barbara Stawowy, pratica il calcetto ed è un tifoso sfegatato del Leeds United.

 Nel 2014 hanno conquistato il bronzo ai Campionati Europei a Squadre Open che poi nel 2019 hanno vinto.

 Quando i gemelli si esibiscono in coppia, sono famosi in tutto il mondo come:"The Hackett's".

The Hackett twins were born on August 14, 1970, in Manchester, England. Jason is the elder by 10 minutes.

They began to play to bridge at 12 under the supervision of mom Olivia.

Their father, Paul, has represented Great Britain in numerous international events, and they are probably the most successful bridge-playing family in the world.

Jason and Justin were members of the British team that won the European Junior Championship in 1994 and the World crown a year later.

A year after that, just before their 26th birthdays, they made their first appearance in the British Open team, at the World Team Olympiad in Rhodes.

Paul was a member of that same team, which set a record for any country.

The boys, who at the time of this writing are aged 31, have been playing bridge for almost two-thirds of their lives. They were first selected as members of the British junior squad in 1985, at the age of 15. A year after that, in 1986, they became the youngest players ever to compete in the World Pairs Olympiad.

Since 1995, they have been the Paul Hackett Jason Hackett Justin Hackett 7 youngest professional partnership in Europe. In that same year, at the age of 24 years and 11 months, Jason became the youngest ever player to achieve the rank of Grand Master, breaking the previous record held by a certain A. R. Forrester. Jason and Justin have already established themselves as international stars: they have won major events in China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Trinidad, Chile, Argentina and Australia.

Although they have yet to win their first American National title, they have already come close on a number of occasions and it is only a matter of time. Justin's contribution to the bridge world was acknowledged at the highest level in 1997 when he was invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace “in recognition of his distinction in the field.”

The Hackett's won the silver medal in Olympiad of 2008 in Beijing and the bronze medal in the 2014 European Open Teams followed by gold medal in 2019.

Jason having achieved the same school-leaving qualifications (9 'O' levels and 3 'A' levels) as his brother, Jason started his degree but dropped out to concentrate full-time on bridge.

Also a football supporter, although not as fanatical as his brother, it is to Leeds United (one of Manchester United's fiercest rivals) that Jason pledges his allegiance. He admits that he really prefers cricket, though.

When asked about their ambitions in the game, Justin said, "I want to win the big one: the Bermuda Bowl. The World Pairs is also high on my list." Meanwhile, Jason wants to win the World Pairs and a major U.S. title.

You do not have to be in Justin's company long before it becomes clear that he is “Football Crazy.”

When he is not playing bridge, he is usually jetting around the world to watch his beloved Red Devils play.

Besides spectating, he also plays regularly and, indeed, he always wanted to become a professional footballer— for Manchester United, of course. “I grew up sure that one day I would run out onto the pitch at the 'Theatre of Dreams' wearing that famous red shirt,” says Justin. In addition to his obsession with United, Justin's other interests include cinema, theater, disco dancing, pubs and travel.

As a student, he attended the University of Central Lancashire where he earned a degree in “French with History.”

We also asked the boys about some of the other players they have encountered as opponents and teammates. Justin picked out Danny Davies, another member of the World Championship winning British junior team. "He was always sympathetic and was excellent at raising morale and helping players to regain confidence," comments Justin. “Then there is  Geir Helgemo—agood friend and a great player. He'll be around both as a teammate and an opponent for many years." On September 1, 2001, Justin married German Internationalist Barbara Stawowy “On the day on which England defeated Germany 1-0 in the World Cup qualifying round.” Our best to them in their future married life together.

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