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 Jeremy Ŕ nato il 19 dicembre del 1951 a Shillingstone una cittadina circa 80Km. a  Nord di Londra  e ha cominciato a giocare quando era studente al Christ's College di Londra. Laureatosi all'UniversitÓ di Bradford e oggi pensionato, ha sposato nel 1992 ha sposato la campionessa Heather Dunstan con la quale ha formato una coppia capace di conquistare nel 2007,  la medaglia d'oro agli Europei a Squadre Miste .

 Vincitore di diversi titoli nazionali, ricopre alcuni incarichi amministrativi nella English Bridge Union di cui, dal 2009 Ŕ uno dei Consiglieri di Amministrazione e dal 2013 il Presidente.

╚ anche un regolare articolista di English Bridge ed ha guidato come Capitano non giocatore la squadra femminile inglese che ha vinto sia i Campionati Europei che le Olimpiadi nel 2012 e che Ŕ arrivata seconda nella Venice Cup del 2013.

Jeremy was born in 1951 in Shillington a little town  4. miles to north of London.

He studied at Christ's College and at Bradford University and started playing bridge during the school years.

First duplicate, first local point and first congress achieved playing with his father. An early congress saw him playing with a school partner against Omar Sharif. This would have been a pleasurable occasion were it not for the fact that partner's father who was watching and was an occasional solo player thought it appropriate to teach Omar's partner (a leading French international) some of the finer points of bridge.

Most successful partnership was with Ian Pagan which culminated in winning the trials and getting 3 Camrose Caps. A 4th cap with Alan Kay, has been awarded after a gap of 8 years.  Jeremy's team, which also includes Heather and Rob Cliffe keep winning early stages of the trials and falling at the final fence. Winner of lots of domestic trophies including the Hubert Phillips and the Grand Masters, twice. In 2007 he won the European Mixed teams in partnership with your wife Heather.

Involved in some bridge administration and is currently Chairman of the Laws and Ethics Committee and also a regular Appeals Chairman. In 2009, Jeremy was voted as a member of the EBU Board. Jeremy also writes a regular column for English Bridge and is a member of the editorial board.

He has also guided  the English women team at victory in the European Women's Team and in the Women Teams Olympiads in 2012 and at silver medal in 2013 Venice Cup.

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