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 Nick Sandqvist Ť nato il 22 aprile del 1969 a Stoccolma ma vive Londra. La mamma era un'appassionata bridgista e cosž, Nick gioca  a bridge da quando aveva 15 anni.

 Si Ť diplomato al conservatorio Adolf Fredriks ed Ť un discreto pianista,  piý tardi si Ť trasferito nella capitale inglese.

 Oltre a molti titoli nazionali, il suo palmares comprende: l'argento nel Campionato Europeo a Coppie Open 2007, due bronzi nel Campionato Europeo a Squadre Miste (2007, 2009), argento nelle Olimpiadi a Squadre del 2008, argento alle Mind Sports Olympiad del 1999 nel Coppie Open, oro nel 1997 alle Mind Sports Olympiad nello Squadre Point a Board, oro nel 1997 e argento nel 1999 alle Mind Sports Olympiadnel Multiple Teams, argento ne Mondiale a Coppie Master del 2002.

 Nick Ť anche un appassionato giocatore di backgammon.


 I was born in 1969 and have been playing Bridge since I was 15, having represented Sweden as a junior on several occasions.

Iím a professional bridge player, but I also run a business - The Green Indoor Mini-golf in Lewisham Ė and Iím the organizer of the successful TGRís Super League.

Iím the co-writer of the Spectator bridge column with my partner Janet de Botton.  

I have represented England in the Camrose on six occasions, winning twice.

I have won the Gold Cup three times, twice as part of the de Botton Bridge Team, with whom Iíve also won the National Swiss Teams three times, the Hubert Philips twice, Spring Fours and Crockfords Cup once each.

With Arthur Malinowski I won a silver medal in the European Pairs in 2007, and silver in the World Mind Sports Olympiad in Beijing in 2009.  

Playing with Nevena Senior, Iíve won two bronze medals in the European Mixed teams, in 2007 and 2009. 

Rather late in life, Iíve discovered that no - thing comes from just dreaming about it, you  actually have to work at it. But if you really put your mind to it, anything is possible.

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