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Yapto Soelistyo Soerjosoemarno č nato il 16 dicembre 1949 a Surakarta una cittā nella parte centrale dell'isola di Giava in Indonesia ed č stato un avvocato ed uomo politico indonesiano.

 Di padre giavanese e madre olandese, Yapto ha finito i suoi studi in Olanda divenendo un esperto di geodesia e topografia.

 Sua madre, Dolly Zegerius č stata una bridgista a livello agonistico che ha anche rappresentato la nazionale indonesiana.

 Leader della discutibile Pemuda Pancasila ha sostenuto la dittatura di Suharto.

 Sposato con Retno Suciati ha avuto tre figli.

 Titolare di uno studio legale a Giacarta, nel 2011 ha subito un attentato terroristico ricevendo un libro bomba. 

Yapto Soelistyo Soerjosoemarno, S.H, is an Indonesian politician. He was born December 16, 1949, in Surakarta, Central Java.

His father, Ir. KPN. Soetarjo Soerjosoemarno, is a member of the Mangkunegaran Javanese nobility. Soerjosoemarno is also an expert in topography and geodesy who finished his education in the Netherlands. His mother, Dolly Zegerius, is a Dutch bridge player/athlete who later became an Indonesian citizen.

Yapto Soerjosoemarno is known as the leader of Pemuda Pancasila, an organization of semi-official political gangsters that supported the New Order military dictatorship of Soeharto. Indeed, Pemuda Pancasila played an important role in supporting Soeharto's military coup in 1965: they ran death squads for the Indonesian army, murdering thousands of alleged communists and Chinese Indonesians across the province of North Sumatra. The leaders of these death squads, Effendy Nasution, Jan Pahrum Lubis, Roshiman and others selected Yapto to lead Pancasila Youth in 1980. In addition to leading Pancasila Youth, Yapto today leads a political party formally affiliated with Pancasila Youth called the Patriot Party.

He is also a lawyer and owns a law firm in South Jakarta, Indonesia. The Patriot Party is known for their loyalty to the family of former Indonesian President, the late General Suharto.

Yapto married Retno Suciati and has three children: 1. Golda Nayawitri B.D.K, 2. Sahid Abishalom B.N.N.S, 3. Jedidiah Shenazar K.S. The Soerjosoemarno family is known for their artistic talents. Yapto's elder sister Marini is an actress, and his niece Shelomita (Marini's daughter) is a singer.

On March 12, 2011, Yapto received a bomb disguised as a book named Apakah Masih Ada Pancasila.

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