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Pierre  TREUIL


 Pierre è nato nel 1934 negli Stati Uniti e viveva a New York prima di trasferirsi nel 1956 in Canada per intraprendere la sua carriera di attuario governativo.

 Pierre ha sposato Geraldine ed insieme hanno avuto il figlio Ted.

 Pensionatosi nel 1991, è stato un giocatore di notevole qualità a livello nazionale e l'unico a vincere tre campionati canadesi a coppie.

 Nel 1970 ha anche rappresentato il suo Paese ai Campionati Mondiali a Coppie.

 È scomparso a Ottawa dove viveva il 5 dicembre del  2000.

Pierre (1934 - 2000) immigrated to Canada in 1956 from his hometown, New York City, to pursue a career as an actuary in the Federal government where he became one of the architects of the Canada Pension Plan.

He retired in 1991.

In 1967, Pierre married Geraldine, their son, Ted, worked as head caddy at National Capital Regional's in the late 1980’s. He was recognized for his courtesy and his ability to get along with everyone. Ted, now 31, is engaged to be married and has a degree in electrical engineering.

At the bridge table, Pierre was renowned for both his brilliance and sensitivity to others. If his partner made an error, Pierre would look for a way he might have made partner’s decision easier. If he found a way, he would do the apologizing. At the bridge table, it doesn’t get better than that! Pierre always found time to serve as mentor to those who sought advice.

 Pierre won the Canadian Open Pairs Championship in 1992 and1993 partnered by John Zaluski and 1995 with Jim Riegle. He is the only triple winner in the history of the event. Pierre represented Canada in the 1970 World Pairs Championships.

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