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  Bill & Ethel  KEOHANE


 William H. Keohane (1896-1972), ingegnere, consulente,  nel campo del bridge insegnante e amministratore, Ŕ stato per diversi anni Presidente dei New England Individual Championships.

 Bill, fu anche nominato, lo stesso anno della sua scomparsa, Direttore del neo creato distretto 25 del New England.

 La moglie Ethel Keohane (30 marzo 1901 - 11 ottobre 1995), un abile amministratrice e giocatrice, ha donato nel 1973  l'omonimo Trofeo che, in memoria del marito, ha premiato il Campione Individuale dei Fall NABC fin quando, nel 1995, esso Ŕ stato ridisegnato come trofeo premiante la miglior Squadra Nord Americana vincente con formula Swiss.

 In memoria di Ethel, che nella sua carriera ha vinto due volte il Wagar, Ŕ stato invece istituito l'evento annuale "Ethel Keohane Senior Regional Tournament".

  Bill Keohane (1896-1972) was a consulting engineer, bridge teacher and bridge administrator. He served as chairman of the 1970 Summer NABC in Boston and, for many years, was chairman of the New England Individual Championship.

 Keohane was elected in 1972 to a one-year term as the first District Director of the newly created District 25 (New England). He died later that year, just before he was to attend his first Board meeting.

The Keohane Trophy was presented for the Open Individual Championship until it was re-designated in 1995 by the ACBL Board of Directors for the North American Swiss Teams.

Ethel Keohane (Mrs. William H.) (1901-1995) of Wellesley Hills MA served as the secretary of the Eastern MA Bridge Association for 18 years, as assistant chairman of the Goodwill Committee for many years, and was on the executive board of the New England B.C. Keohane got her start in bridge because her husband Bill played duplicate regularly and she decided to find out why he found it so enchanting. She bought a Culbertson book, studied it and ventured forth into duplicate in 1939.

Keohane was Life Master #151 and the leading masterpoint holder in the New England states at the time of her death.

In 1981, at the age of 80, Keohane survived a brutal car accident that killed her partner, Ida Bennett. Although practically every bone in her body was broken and she was not expected to live, she somehow managed to pull through. She was told she would never walk again, but after months of exercise and going through physical rehabilitation she regained the use of her legs.

In 1982 she was named the ACBL Honorary Member. Keohane won two North American championships.

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