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Nel 2011 si sono svolti i primi Campionati Mondiali per gli Sport della Mente: Scacchi, Bridge, Dama, Go e Dama Cinese

La competizione a Squadre era riservata a Squadre Nazionali ed è stata organizzata fino al 2014 dalla SportAccord (Associazione Internazionale delle Federazioni Sportive) in cooperazione con l'IMSA

Nel 2015 la competizione è ripartita ed è stata organizzata direttamente dalla IMSA (International Minds Sports Association) con il nome di IMSA Elite Mind Games (IEMG)

This event, born in 2011 and held annually until 2014, in December in Beijing, China, is organised and managed by SportAccord (Association of the International Sport Federations) with the assistance of BODA (Beijing Olympic City Development Association) and the cooperation of IMSA (International Mind Sport Association)

SportAccord World Mind Games are a multi-sport event centered on the gymnasium of the mind and highlighting the great value of the mind sports

 The Games, which include the five mind sports members of IMSA (Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Chinese Chess), show some top-level mind games performances with the world’s best players

They also showcased the Cultural and Social Program. In addition, an online tournament organised each year extends the event’s reach to the worldwide audience

The 1st IMSA Elite Mind Games (IEMG) was held from February 25 to March 3 at New Century Hotel Huaian, China. IEMG has featured five mind sports as official disciplines – Go, chess, bridge, draughts, and Xiangqi. In Go, 30 top players around the world competed for total prize money of 200,000 EUR in three medal events: Men’s Team, Women’s Individual, and Pair

IEMG is a re-branded event of SportAccord World Mind Games, which was hosted in Beijing four times annually from 2011 to 2014. As SportAccord went through restructuring and became unable to host World Mind Games, IMSA (the International Mind Sports Association), the co-organizer of the SportAccord World Mind Games, took responsibility and succeeded in bringing the event back under the new title. It is expected that IEMG will continue to be held on an annual basis as a major mind-sport event



2011 (10 - 16 dicembre) - Pechino (Cina) -  12 coppie
1. STATI UNITI Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer
2. CINA Xuefeng Feng, Yanhui Sun
3. FRANCIA Benedicte Cronier, Sylvie Willard
L'Italia non partecipa


2012 (13 - 19 dicembre) - Pechino (Cina) - 12 coppie
1. CINA Ming Sun, Wang Hongli
2. FRANCIA Benedicte Cronier, Sylvie Willard
3. FRANCIA Vanessa Rees, Daniele Allouche Gaviard
L'Italia non partecipa


2013  (12 - 18 dicembre) - Pechino (Cina) - 12 coppie
1. CINA Yu Zhang, Xuefeng Feng
2. INGHILTERRA Heather Dhondy, Nevena Senior
3. ISRAELE   Dana Tal, Noga Tal
L'Italia non partecipa


2014  (11 - 17 dicembre) - Pechino (Cina) - 12 coppie
1. OLANDA Marion Michielsen, Meike Wortel
2. CINA Wenfei Wang, Jing Rong Ran
3. CINA   Hong Li Wang, Yan Lu
L'Italia non partecipa


2016  (25 febbraio - 3 marzo) - Huaian (Cina) - 12 coppie

Yan Huang, Nan Wang


Wenfei Wang, Qi Shen
3. INGHILTERRA Nevena Senior, Wen Hu
L'Italia non partecipa


2017  (9 - 16 dicembre) - Huaian (Cina) - 12 coppie
1. CINA Wen Fei Wang, Qi Shen
2. INGHILTERRA Sally Brock, Fiona Brown
3. STATI UNITI Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Kerri Sanborn
L'Italia non partecipa


2019  (13 - 18 maggio) - Hengshui (Cina) - 12 coppie
1. CINA Xiaoxue Zuo, Nan Wang
2. INGHILTERRA Nevena Senior, Heather Dhondy

Anna Sarniak, Danuta Kazmucha
L'Italia non partecipa


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